Global human resource management

In the recent years there have been various approaches to the human resources management. Of importance to the organization is ensuring that the organization has put the organization strategies in the forefront so that irrespective of the approach the organization the organization benefits from it. Inside out approach is one of the approaches that is used in assessing the human resource. Inside out approach seeks to maintain the status quo that is in existence and making minor adjustment to the organization depending on the issues that the people in the organization are going through. The human resource in this case focuses on the responsibilities that they have to the organization they are working for (Wright  2004). The human resource department stands on its own in this case and attempts to reach out to the organization through its activities, to affect the level of success in the organization.

Another approach to the human resource approach is the outside in approach. The approach focuses on building the human resource strategies from various points. These points may include: customers of the business, the consumers of the business and any other issues that affect the organization. In this type of approach, the organization develops a strategy from the challenges that the organization is undergoing through and provides solution to these problems that add value to the organization (McLean 2005). In short, the functions of the human resources are defined by the various issues that affect the organization irrespective of whether the issues affect the human resource department. It is from these issues that are affecting the organization that the organization’ builds its human resource strategy. Such should be what businesses should aspire to achieve when carrying out their activities.

Linkage approach is the other type of approach that an organization may have in reference to human resource management. In this type of approach, the linkage is divided into various parts. One way linkage is one of the various linkage approach subsection. In one way approach, the top management is involved in providing the human resource with the desirable strategy that the organization seeks to use. Two way approach is the other part of the linkage approach. Unlike the one way approach, the approach the human resource function is the one that provide information to the top management and is of assistance in coming up with the business strategy. Once the top management comes up with the strategy the responsibility is then delegated to human resource department to implement the strategy. Then there is the integrative linkage. The top management in the human resource department and the top management in the organization are used to come up with the desired business strategy that the organization needs. Due to various cultures in existence in various parts of the world the human resource function may vary. In this case, the culture does not only mean the culture of various people in different parts of the world. It also means the culture of the organization in question.  Different organizations have different cultures and develop their business strategies differently. When it comes to culture of different people, different people have different beliefs and it is wise of the management in the organization to develop strategies that accommodate these beliefs.

The role of human resource is undeniably important to the organization in general. It controls the most important resource in the organization that is the human resource. Just like the other departments in the organization it aims at achieving a high level of performance to ensure that the organization achieves its goals and objectives. It is therefore necessary to make sure that the roles keep changing to accommodate the changes that may occur in the organization. A brief description of the role of human resource is that it is a department in the organization that aims at providing and maintaining adequate human resource to ensure that the organization works effectively. Just like in any other setting, the employees that the organization will hire in the new region will have employee relation issues. One of the various issues that may come up may be due to the policies in existence in this particular region, the procedures that need to be followed as well as the rules that are in existence. The three may come about for example where the employee may undergo a scenario that has to do with sexual harassment.  The steps that need to be followed in reporting such a case may be different. in the new region. The same may apply why it comes to the rules the rules may need to be changed when addressing certain matters. The other issue is the discipline among the employees. The new location means that new guidelines need to be established. Such applies when it comes to more severe penalties, there is need to be reviewed since there is difference in the cultural beliefs of the people in the new location. Another employee relation issue is when it comes to the way of expressing their grievances. The way the employees express their dissatisfaction is usually different in different regions of the world. South East Asia is not an exemption to the same. The issue of grievances has to do in the power instill in the employees union.  Reviews may need to be done on who addresses the grievances of the employees whether it is the management or if an employee panel need to be formed to address the issue. Finally, there is the issue of the rights that the employees in the organization should have. The fact that venturing in new areas means that the laws of the land change, the  changes also occur on the right assigned to the employees of the new region (Scott, 2011). The organization may need to adjust to different rights that different regions may offer to the employees. Addressing the problems that relate to employees relation is entirely with the laws that exist in the new regions. It is always fair to both the employees and the organizations that they align their policies with the laws of the new region. Failure to do it may lead to such a scenario where there is chaos among the management and the employees.

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