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The task is on identification of different types of sudden risks and disruptions in an Australian supply chain system. Discuss the potential impact and strategies to deal with them. You also need to discuss benefits applying disruption management strategies. You should consider all supply, operations and distribution systems to develop the report.
You need to consider yourself being a consultant helping the company dealing with the issue. We are looking for creative solutions proposed by groups.
For your assignment, you can consider dairy products.

You should identify the sudden risks and disruptions for the organization. Then discuss the impact (both qualitative and quantitative) of those risks in business. You should also suggest and discuss the strategies, which an organization could adopt, to manage the identified risks. The report should consist following sections:
a) Introduction
b) Identified sudden risks and disruptions
c) Impact of sudden risks and disruptions
d) Strategies to deal with risks and disruptions
e) Discussion and Conclusions
Here are few examples of example of sudden risk and disruptions
i. Sudden supply failure
ii. Sudden demand changes
iii. Quality problem
iv. Supply delay
v. Natural disaster
vi. Theft and vandalism
vii. Legal risk
viii. Sudden machine breakdown
ix. Technological disruption and so on

Examples of impact on:
i. Profit/revenue
ii. Product quality
iii. Productivity
iv. Customer satisfaction
v. Business goodwill
vi. Supplier relation and so on.

Here are few examples of example of strategies
i. Multiple suppliers
ii. Insurance
iii. Inventory buffer
iv. Backorder
v. Safety stock
vi. Outsourcing
vii. Use of information technology
viii. Local sourcing and so on.

Student needs to collect information from actual case or literature. Valid sources for obtaining such information may include:
1. Visits to the case company and interviewing key personnel
2. Secondary data from online
3. Companys annual/quarterly reports
4. Related operations and supply chain management articles and news.

Strategies to deal with sudden risks and disruptions

You should explain about the strategies to be useful to manage the sudden risk and disruptions. You should also explain how strategies can be implemented with their pros and cons. What are the benefits and usefulness of applying such strategies?

Please write the best strategies….. I have done some research and risks.
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