Global Warming

Global warming is a real problem that has threatened life in the whole world.  The article by Knopf illustrates that there are a lot of negative effects of global warming that will continue to threaten life unless an intervention is sought. Most importantly, the article illustrates that some interventions that have been proposed like cutting the emission of carbon dioxide may not help to mitigate some consequences of global warming. The article argues out that some intervention strategies may even end up causing more harm instead of solving the problem. Media and politicians contribute greatly to magnifying the problem. Politicians illustrate how they will solve the problem within the shortest time possible but at the same time they continue to establish projects that increase the problem even further.  Media on the other hand continues illustrate how big the problem is but still continues to increase the problem by advertising goods like cars which increase carbon dioxide emission. However, it is important to note that the problem is not what is being done, but what has not been done.  The  article by Goodstein also illustrates that global warming is problem will contribute to the dearth of many people in future more than even pollution if an appropriate  intervention will not be sought.  Since both articles discuss the issue of global warming, this paper shall argue on the best solution to mitigate the problem while focusing on the two articles.

To begin with, it is important to understand that global warming has been caused by various factors over a long duration of time. Therefore, mitigating the problem may take more time and therefore, as Knopf illustrates, it cannot happen overnight. At the same time Knopf argues that, global warming increases the accessibility of water where at about 1.2 billion human beings benefits from it. Nonetheless, that does not mean that measures put in place may not end up being helpful although it may take quite some time. Studies of Goodstein illustrate that all the interventions that have been used have got some short comings. However, it is important to understand that, every action has got its own shortcomings. The most important thing is to weigh the costs and the benefits and choose to use an intervention which is beneficial. Otherwise, the problem of global warming may persist and continues to cause more harm. According to Goodstein if the survival has to be achieved at the same time maintaining the beauty of the environment then we must compact global warming.

No one can negate the fact that global warming is a serious issue and needs immediate attention. However, it is important to note that as Goodstein illustrates, it is not the only problem that the humanity is facing. For example poverty is also a disaster in most parts of the world and has to be dealt with accordingly. The study illustrates how the government pretends to be fighting the issue of reducing carbon dioxide emission and at the same time continues to open more airports. In addition, media is also criticized due to over emphasis on the magnitude of the problem.  On the same note, whether there is global warming or not, other businesses have to continue since human needs have to be satisfied. Moreover, the work of media is to pass information to the public. Therefore, since global warming is a pressing issue, it has to feature in the media especially if it is attracting the attention of the public. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the debate has to be inclusive as global warming ought to be a problem of everyone in the society and media ought to be involved.

Seeking for an appropriate solution to global warming may actually take more time than the time that can be taken to mitigate the problem. Both articles illustrate that change is necessary more so in the political arena. Although Goodstein illustrates that global warming is not a partisan issue, solving the problem is a political issue as political leaders are very instrumental in causing any change.  However, although studies of Goodstein illustrate that it is only new politics which can solve the problem, the solution may be only one, out of many changes that are necessary. The solution of Knopf seems to be more realistic because it recognizes the complexity of the problem. Therefore, any solution towards global warming need to start by recognizing  some facts concerning the problem like, it must take quite sometime and the fact that there costs and benefits tied to solving the problem. According to Knopf, there are benefits achieved as a result of the global warming such as reduction of deaths which are caused as result of cold while at the same time there are increasesd deaths as a results of increased in temperature where these two factors must be considered when addressing global warming issue.

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