Goal Stting, Intervention planning and Intervention

Please use all the information that is here for this paper. I give you the outline for this paper in the first part of all the information.

Please put this essay in APA style.

This is the Instructions for the Assignment:

The case is in assignments and the assessment sheet is there as well. It is the same assessment sheet you used for your practice case. I want to remind you that you will be handing in the Assessment and a paper that goes with the assignment. Here is the information; In addition a treatment plan will be developed that will include problem identification, goals, and plans for interventions. The student must identify at least 2 resources that can be utilized to help the clients(s) as well as explaining why these resources are appropriate for the problem (this includes resource, address, phone number and reason why it is appropriate). The Treatment plan will be a separate document you will create for the client. It should be 3 to 4 pages and be APA. You should have a title page and reference page if you have any references. Please make sure you summarize the case as the intro to your treatment plan. Goals must be measurable and time limited Use the SMART method to write your goals. Please pay special attention to the way you write your goals so they are measurable. Be careful with this since this is difficult to do and is where people lose points.

This is the case: Carmelita and Fernando

The case on Carmelita and Fernando was that Carmelita was 16 years old and about to have baby. Carmelita Dulce and Fernando Toro had been seeing each other for about a year. Carmelita had to keep this fact hidden from her parents, since she was worried that they would not allow her, to date at her age or become seriously involved with someone. Fernando was one year older than Carmelita and was a junior in Pancho Villa high school. When Carmelita first suspected she was pregnant, she called the Crisis Hotline. They referred the call to Casitas Social Service Agency, where the case was assigned to Katy Kelly, BSW, a new employee. Carmelita and Fernando would be her fist clients since graduating with her social work degree. They would go in for an interview.

During the initial interview, Carmelita appeared nervous. Katy was also very nervous and anxious. She was not sure she could remember everything learned in the interviewing class, but know she had it somewhere in her memory. She began the engagement by introducing herself. Katy introduce herself to Carmelita and let her know that she is and social worker; her job is to offer you whatever assistance she can. Katy ask Carmelita what brings you to our agency? Carmelita said she think she is pregnant, and she don’t know what to do. Carmelita tell Katy the social worker all about how she is a afraid to tell her parents. If she tell them Carmelita think her parents my ask her to leave the home.

Then Katy asked Carmelita to tell her more about her parents. Carmelita said that her father is a gardener for a major landscaping company. There wasn’t much money in the home since there are four other siblings, ages 14, 12, 10 and 8. Carmelita described her father as a “traditional Latino male,” gentle, yet firm and controlling. She also said that her mother defers to her father in all matters of importance. She said it had only been up to last year that her mother was allowed to work out the home. Her mother work as a motel maid to help with expense, Carmelita father was temporarily laid off from work. Carmelita father mother move in after her grandfather passed away.

Carmelita brings to tell Katy about her junior and “A” student in high school. Her teachers encouraged her to take college preparatory courses, and they said she had an excellent chance of earning an academic scholarship from the local state university. She would very much like to go to college to become a nurse. No one in her family has ever gone to college, and it would make her parents and her grandmother very proud. If she were able to get a scholarship, her mother could quit her job, stay home with the other children, and be able to take care of Abuelita too. Carmelita thins now she pregnant, all that would change. She would have to give up her dream of going to college and might not be able to graduate from high school.

The social worker tells Carmelita it’s all right. The first thing is to get you schedule a pregnancy test for you at the clinic, since the only test you’ve had done was a home pregnancy test. There’s no need to worry until we know for sure if you are pregnant. Carmelita did not won’t to go to the clinic she might have someone tell her family that she is pregnancy. Too many of her family and friends use the clinic, and she don’t want anyone to see her. The social worker Katy set up for Carmelita to go to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test. Katy told Carmelita she can pick her up from school and take her there herself.

The test showed that Carmelita was indeed pregnant and another appointment was scheduled with Katy Kelly. The purpose of this meeting was to begin to make plans for dealing with Carmelita’s situation. Carmelita and Katy discussed the situation. Carmelita started to tell Katy the social worker what she is think about with the pregnancy. If I decide to have the baby alone, I could go to school after the baby’s born. Abuelita could help take care of the baby while I’m in school. But if I do that, it wouldn’t be fair to my parents. They are already having a hard time making ends meet.

The social worker Katy start to tell Carmelita about adoption is the best option for her. Katy also told Carmelita that eventually it was going to be necessary to involve her family in the decision-making process. However, since Carmelita was her primary client, it was important for Katy to assist Carmelita in deciding how to do this. Based on Carmelita’s pervious comments, it was not going to be easy to convince her to let her family know her situation. Katy the social worker wants to call Carmelita father to schedule an appointment with her parents to discuss your situation. Carmelita said No! That’s not a good idea. If you have to tell my family, please call my Tia Josefa. She my father’s sister and my Godmother. Tia can talk to my father about this before you contact him. The social workers don’t know if she can call Tia about this since it might be a breach of confidentiality. Katy thought some more about this and remembered that the use of informal social structures was acceptable if the client gave permission to do so. She also remembers that the family was very important to Latinos and that aunt and uncles and grandparents and cousins were all considered close family.

Katy the social worker called Tia Josefea and explained the situation. Josefa told her she would happy to discuss this with the family and would call Katy back when something could be arranged. The following week, Katy met with Tia Josefa and both Jose and Rosa Dulce Carmelita parents, at their home. She explained to them that she was a social worker at Casitas Social Service Agency and that she was there to discuss Carmelita. Katy noticed that Carmelita was not in the room and asked that she be present. Tia Josefa proceeded to ask Mr. Dulce for permission for Carmelita to present, and he agreed. Carmelita was called into the room, and shoes to sit near her mother and her aunt.

Katy explained the situation to the family and stated that she was there to assist them and Carmelita in any way that she could. She explained she could assist them in obtaining prenatal care for Carmelita and work with the school to keep her attendance regular until the baby was born. She could also assist them with medical care for Carmelita and help with the adoption procedures. Jose Dulce told Katy that they appreciated her concern and would get back to her. He noted that this was a family matter and they needed to discuss this among themselves. He thanked her and escorted her to the door. A week late, Jose Dulce called Katy Kelly at her office, asking her to come to their home. During the visit, Katy noticed that Carmelita sat between her parents on the sofa and that the grandmother and a priest were also present. Katy also noticed that Carmelita was avoiding making eye contact by staring at the floor. Abuelita had a very stoic expression on her face and was looking directly at Katy.

Mr. Dulce tall miss Kelly, I want you to know that the family appreciates your wanting to help us. But this is a family problem, and we have decided that Carmelita will have the baby and we will raise it as our own. This was not an easy decision, but after much prayer and spiritual guidance we feel this would be set best for everyone. Since the decision has been made, we would appreciate it if you could help Carmelita get a doctor. And we would like Carmelita to continue with her schooling. Could you help with that? The social worker Katy yes, I can help your family with that. Carmelita, is this your decision? Is this what you want to do? Mr. Dulce said Miss Katy the decision is not for Carmelita to make. She is but a child who has already ruined her life. We know what is best for her, and she will not shame us again. She will have the baby and stay in school. She will not be allowed to go anywhere but to school and to church. And she will not be allowed to see that boy again!

Katy the social worker told Mr. Dulce that she mean no disrespect. I only want to make sure that Carmelita had seriously considered giving the baby up for adoption. Now you are telling me that she is going to keep the baby. Mr. Dulce asks Carmelita was it true. Carmelita said yes, father. It is true. I have prayed and prayed that God would not punish me for being selfish. But am I selfish to think about the baby and my parents. Miss Katy ask Carmelita explain to her Father what she is thinking about this. Carmelita said it would not be fair to my parents to have to raise another baby she would not be able to quit. And I don’t want to quit school, but I would have to. With mama at work, who could take care of the baby? It would not be right for Abuelita to take care of the baby. I’m sorry, Mama, Papa, Abuelita. I have shamed you all, but I want to do the right thing. And to me that means giving the baby to another family the ask Miss Katy to go and the family need to talk about this.

Three days later, Katy received a call from Tia Josefa telling her family had made a new decision. It had been decided that Carmelita would give up the baby for adoption. Although Mr. Dulce had not initially approved because he felt this would bring even more shame on the family, Father Ignacio helped convince him that adoption would be best for everyone. However, it would now be up to Tia Josefa to take care of Carmelita until baby was born. Therefore, she needed social worker Katy help to transfer Carmelita to school near her and to arrange necessary medical care for her. Katy made the necessary referrals to arrange prenatal care at the public health clinic. She accompanied both Carmelita and Tia Josefa to the first appointment, assisting them in filling out the necessary paperwork and providing emotional support. She also set up a meeting with the school principal of Carmelita’s current school and accompanied Carmelita and her aunt to the meeting.

The social worker Katy Mr. Harris, the family has requested that Carmelita live with her aunt. What we need to do today is get the necessary transfer papers and her records so she can go to Juarez high school. Mr. Harris thinks that would be best. We don’t want anyone here who can be a bad influence on our younger students. How anyone can be so careless today is beyond me, what with birth control pills available everywhere. I will be more than happy to give you her records now so we can be rid of this problem. No one in our school has ever gotten pregnant as I have been principal here. She will need to go and see her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Braun, and clean out her locker. Miss Katy told Mr. Harris that she believes you will notice that Carmelita is and “A” student. I would hardly call her a bad influence. She just made a mistake. Perhaps if the school took a more active role in providing sex education classes, these types of situations would not occur. Teen pregnancy is a very serious social problem in our community, and we all have to do our part to address it. Being judgmental will not help. Thank you for signing the trancsfer papers. We’ll go see Mrs. Braun now. Carmelita aunt Tia said thank you, Mr. Harris. We appreciate your help. If there’s nothing else you need from me, we’ll go see Mrs. Braun and get Carmelita’s things.

This is the breakdown of the story and this has to be in the paper just like this.

Identifying information: (brief narrative including age, race, ethnic background, marital status, occupation or school status, employment, etc) Carmelita Dulce is 16 years old. Carmelita is a junior in Pancho Villa high school. Carmelita is single Latinos female and she is part of the Latinos Community.
Precipitating event: (what prompted client to call at this time) Carmelita is pregnant and need help trying to find out what are some step that can help her. And she do not know how to tell her traditional Mexican parents about her pregnant.
Presenting problem: (client description of the problem, brief history, people and events that have led to the current situation) Carmelita has a boyfriend that her parents do not know about. Carmelita took a home pregnant test at one of her best friend home. Carmelita is afraid if her parents find out that is pregnant she may have to leave her home.
Family/Social History: (include quality of family and marital history, family history of physical, sexual, substance abuse, relevant events such as deaths, divorce, separation, illnesses, current living arrangements, etc) Carmelita said that her father is a gardener for a major landscaping company. Carmelita has four other siblings ages 14, 12, 10, and 8 years old. Carmelita said her father is a “traditional Latino male,” gentle yet firm and controlling. Her mother defers to her father in all matters of importance. Carmelita last year that her mother was allowed to work outside the home and her mother work as a motel maid to help with expenses when because her father was temporarily laid off from work. Carmelita also said that Mrs. Dulce’ the family, after her grandfather passed away.
Medical History: (note any relevant detalls from the Client Data Form or other relevant information Including dieting habits, allergies sexual functioning, etc.)
• Smoker Yes/No: Carmelita did not smoker
• Regular Exercise Yes/No, Carmelita only exercise was and going to church
• No Additional Details: Carmelita did not have any additional details
Carmelita Dulce was sexual activity at age 16 years old.
Mental Health/Chemical Dependency Treatment History: (note any relevant details from the Client Data Form) None: Carmelita has none mental health problems.
Alcohol and Drug history: (any relevant details from the Client Data Form. Describe any major life areas affected by alcohol/drugs including legal, physical, family, marital, social, financial, leisure, emotional, work, school or spiritual) None: Carmelita has none alcohol or drug history problems.
Military History: include branch and dates) None: Carmelita has none military background
Education: (include any relevant history) Carmelita is in high school and has a dream of going to college to become a nurse. She will be the first one in her family to go to college.
Activities: (include any significant leisure activities, hobbies, community involvement or interests) Carmelita only activities are school and church
Cultural/Religious Factors: (include any relevant race, cultural or religious background information)
Legal History: (include any relevant history) None: Carmelita has none legal history
Lethality: (suicidal/homicidal ideations or plan, past or present)
• Risk Level:
o Low
o Moderate
o High
o None
Carmelita has none lethality history
Domestic Violence: verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse towards self or others in the home) None: Past: Carmelita has none domestic violence history
Treatment Plan
First: Get and appointment with Planned Parenthood to see if Carmelita is pregnant.
Contact Us:Administrative Office
2314 Auburn Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Phone: 513-721-7635
Fax: 513-721-2313
Email: info@ppswo.org

• Help Carmelita tell her family the news that she is pregnant
o First Carmelita would like to tell her aunt Tia first. She can help Carmelita her father that she is pregnant
o Aunt Tia will help the social work meet with the family
o Then intervention with involving the family
• Help the family find a way to help Carmelita understand options her. Because in the Latinos Community the family play a very big part in their children life.
o Set down with the family and explained the situation to the family and stated that you and her to assist them and Carmelita in any way that you could.
o Just help the with Carmelita situation
Third: Get Carmelita set up with and doctor appreciate
• Get Carmelita on Prenatal vitamins
• Set Carmelita up with parents class
• Birthing class
Since Carmelita no long stay with her parents because they felt like she have shame them and she have go live with her aunt Tia Josefa until the baby was born.
Fifth: Help Carmelita get transfer to the high school near her aunt Tia and arrange necessary medical care for her
• Set up a meeting with the school principal of Carmelita’s current school and accompanied Carmelita and her aunt to the meeting.
• Make sure that Carmelita necessary transfer papers get send.
Sixth: Carmelita and her family decided to give the baby up for and adoption
• Arrange prenatal care at the public health clinic
• Make sure that Carmelita and her aunt Tia can get to the first appointment
• Help Carmelita fill out all the necessary paperwork and providing emotional support.
• Since Carmelita is give the baby up for and adoption help her set up a meeting with the adoption agency.
o For she can see what options of adoption they may have for her

(0-5 points) Developing
(6 – 13 points) Proficient
(14 – 19) points Exemplary (20 points)
Grammar and Spelling Multiple grammar and spelling errors. No evidence that paper was edited or proofread.

Several grammar and spelling errors. No evidence of editing or proofreading. No more than 3 grammar or spelling errors. Appears that paper has been edited and proofread. No grammatical and/or spelling errors. Clear that paper has been edited and proofread.

Content of paper is aligned with the description of the assignment and assignment expectations Content of paper does not address expectations and tasks identified in assignment description. No evidence that scholarly research has been included.

Minimal connection between the content of the paper and the expectations outlined in the assignment description
Content of the paper meets most of the criteria for the assignment as outlined in the description.
Content of paper is clearly aligned with the expectations of the assignment. Content addresses tasks outlined in assignment description.
Use of APA style throughout paper. No evidence of understanding or applying APA standards to paper. Minimal use of APA standards – e.g. accurate bibliography but multiple APA mistakes in body of paper. Paper demonstrates an understanding of the application of APA standards. No more than 2 mistakes in the application of APA standards Accurate and consistent use of APA standards throughout paper

Critical Thinking No evidence of thoughtful reflection of the material. No evidence of evaluating material and making it relevant/meaningful. Some evidence of understanding concepts. No evidence of deep reflection or critical thinking and questioning. Paper demonstrates reflection and thoughtful exploration of the material. Some evidence of questioning and making connections with existing knowledge base Paper demonstrates thoughtful consideration of concepts and material. Questions are raised. Analysis includes reflection of the meaning and personal relevance and connection of the material

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