Greenhouse Economics

key questions
Will your Job be Exported?
Which jobs will be exported over the years?
What is causing offshoring of jobs?
What distinguishes jobs that cannot be offshored from the ones that can?
How offshoring has affected our job market?
Why do we need to reform current Edu system? Is it ineffective/obsolete?
How do we reform our educational system to adapt to offshoring?
How are YOU preparing?
<<<<incoming Robots-drones for delivery-technology making personal service not safe
xray technicians-BANKING ATM-TAXES-GRAPHIC DESIGNERS-LAWYERS-video monitors<<<
How has this happened? Key Ideas Transitions in the work force. – Distinction the offshore jobs impersonal VS. non offshore jobs (personal service) What jobs are at risk? The lines between the categories are not fixed technology is changing this new trend some service -some are vulnerable to offshoring xray reading-accountants-computer code design-consultant work Past trend ****technology cause-easier to offshore impersonal jobs now the impersonal category will blur into the personal servers
– Understand and prepare for a more competitive job markets. (international competition-people willing to be paid less-lower living costs) – cause new technologies**** Income inequality – Redesign the education.-we need to be more practical needs more effective meeting the constant economic shifts and changes not the amount of education but the kind of education.10 more vocational training p 15 re-thinking career paths prepare for high end personal jobs p. 14 Importance of high education in the work filed. – Increasing of services jobs in US.
Blinder defines the categories
personal jobs
govt/military(both impersonal – personal)
food industry
taxi -truck drives
health care
child care
house cleaners
education (move is to online)
higher end management
retail online
if they cannot mechanize it-robots
acquires personal delivery
<<<bank tellers-low entry bank>>
customer service-telephone
manufacturing-off shored for decades
<<<The American Economy no longer depends on Americans>>>
. a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. 1. Blinder is assuming that his readers want America to be successful and to lead the rest of the world. Is the US in the lead now?
<<<Capitalism more than technology<<<<
2. to prepare the next generation appropriately for the workforce. 3. Americans assume education as the primary solution to societal problems. 4. current education system is not instilling****direct emphasis- adequate people skills or communication skills, and not offering enough vocational opportunity. 5 technology will not make everything offshore able—that there will be enough jobs left, if only we prepare people effectively.
safer jobs-accounting
Americans were not really prepared, mostly unexpected- these changes
more difficult to predict jobs available
new trends-green energy??? branching???
international relations-possible new target
6. lower wages will always draw business offshore,******
not that higher quality and fair wages may draw business to America in the future.*****
Technology developments will make high-end service jobs replaceable, which means that high-end service jobs could be easily exported.
Concentrate on raising specialists in personal service sector.
dog groomers dog dentists
Barber (high end-4 star hotels) jobs have more chances to stay irreplaceable- unlike IT or programming jobs.
Educational “revolution”.
Bachelors and Master’s degree do not guarantee a wealthy future.
(slowly for the last decade)
Training people to be strategically specialized could help them protect their jobs in future.
· Skills gained today might be useless in the American job market in the future.
<<<prevent this>>·
Before, staying longer in school was good enough for people to have a better chance at succeeding in the labor market. Now, according to Blinder, that is not enough anymore.
We have to encourage students to plan on filling occupations which workers are scarce like carpenters, nurses, and plumbers. (????)
Encourage students to seek personal jobs
not scarce-but a demand
 Implications   Personal service jobs will experience less demand if education steers towards the personal service industries. 
 competition fierce-less opportunities    Decrease in obsolete jobs and the need for retraining laid- off workers.*****     The country’s jobs outlook would strengthen and lead to a decrease in the unemployment rate.  Americans need to be more innovative p 15 Not following his advice:  The education system would be outdated and irrelevant to today’s economic realities.   Standardized testing-no child left behind-did not work-   Higher unemployment and an over reliance on government programs.   U.S. Corporations will continue to import talent from other countries to fill key positions.

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