health policy

The U.S. Health Care Delivery System and Drivers for Change
Write a 6-page paper in which you:
• Describe two or more key drivers affecting health care organizations and the U.S. health care delivery system.
• Explain current and future implications of these drivers for health care administrators.
• Describe three or four key changes or reforms that you would like to see enacted. Explain why these changes would be important from the viewpoint of 1) the health care consumer and 2) the health care administrator.
In your response, explain how international comparison informs your understanding of the U.S. health care delivery system, as well as opportunities for reform.

Special Instructions: Utilize the following media sources.
• DVD: Bourne, P. G., Keck, W., & Reed, G. (Executive Producers). (2006). Salud! What puts Cuba on the map in the quest for global health…. Available from

• Video: Palfreman, J. (Producer), Neuburger, J. (Writer), & Reid, T. R. (2008). Sick around the world [Television series episode]. In D. Fanning (Executive producer), FRONTLINE. Retrieved from

Note: If you have difficulty viewing this media program, the transcripts are provided on the website.

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