Written Assignment- Literature Review
Students will be required to select and review the literature relating to 3 evidence based health promotion strategies.
Students will be required to;
define or describe the physical activity promotion strategy, clearly demonstrating an understanding of the strategy reviewed;
describe the studies which have demonstrated that the strategy is an effective means of encouraging people to either adopt or maintain a physical activity lifestyle and;
demonstrate an ability to apply and adapt the strategies to healthy populations, populations identified in the special populations lecture and across the lifespan through identifying moderators that may influence the strategies application.
Formatting and presentation:
Single spaced lines, 12 point font with 2cm margins
Correct, consistent and comprehensive referencing both within the text and the Reference section is always required.
It is preferable that the majority of references (85%) included are published within a 5 year period.
? The reference section should be at the end of the assignment and use the style adopted by the American Psychology Association. Information regarding this referencing format is presented on Moodle.
? Students are encouraged to seek information on-line. However, where the source has been published in both electronic and hard copy, the reference for the hard copy is preferred.
? If you wish to cite a resource on the web that does not have a publication date or other important information, you should use the following format, including as much information as possible in the following order:
1 name(s) of authors. This may or may not be the same as the person or organisation that maintains the site;
2 date/ year of publication;
3 title of publication;
4 format of item;
5 date item retrieved;
6 name and site address on the internet;
7 when site last updated (state if unavailable); and
8 person or organisation that maintains the site.
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