Healthcare Marketing Package

Professional Competency addressed in this Assignment:PC-2.3: Demonstrate integrity through the application of relevant codes of conduct andsocial responsibility within one\’s profession.Instructions:In this unit, you become the sole owner of a healthcare organization. You would like toincrease marketing potential while maintaining social responsibility within your field. As anew owner, you are not afforded a budget to hire a marketing expert and must develop themarketing strategy and subsequent collateral materials yourself. Your objective for this unitis to develop a marketing package that promotes your healthcare organization. By the endof this unit, you will become the subject matter expert on developing and deploying amarketing strategy for a healthcare organization.● Submit your marketing package as one (1) Word document. To do this, you willneed to use Page Break and copy/paste functions. Failure to submit yourmarketing package into one (1) document may result in a grade reduction.● Your final submission must include each of the following:● Professional letter from you to the local Chamber of Commerce introducing your newhealthcare organization to the community. This is your opportunity to make a good,first impression, so be sure to incorporate the elements you would want to promote.● Identify the 5 P’s of healthcare marketing in your organization● Create mission and vision statements● Develop codes of professional conduct which support social responsibility in yourselect healthcare field

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