History of Dis/Ability


1. Access “Parallels In Time: A History of Developmental Disabilities” using the following URLs: http://www.mnddc.org/parallels/index.html
2. Preview all sections of the website.
3. A minimum 500 word (double spaced) summary is required for 3 (or more) of the sections/topics reviewed. (You will be writing one summary that includes all 3 sections/topics)
4. A one page (double-spaced) personal reaction should follow the summary.
5. Two questions about the information you summarized should be asked at the end of your personal response.
6. And finally, write a paragraph (minimum of 250 words) on how does this information relate to course information covered so far?

*This assignment needs to be in the following layout:
-Times New Roman, Size 12-Font
-1.0 Margins
-Indent first sentence of the paragraph
-Title for each section (Summary, Personal Reflection, Questions, How Information Relates to the course)

Grading Rubric:
Item: Points:
Cover Page/Rubric with Correct Information:
-Assignment submitted on time with the Rubric self scored, including student’s full name and student number, title of the assignment, and date of submission.
-Failure to include the rubric and/or self-scored points entered is 2 points. 2
Correct Writing Mechanics (Writing Quality) & Paper Structure:
-Proper Grammar/Spelling & Sentence Structure
-Correct Paper Structure –Times New Roman 12-font, Double Spaced, Indent 1st sentence, 1.0 Margins, titles 2
Clear Summary on 3 or more topics
-500-word minimum (1 Summary that includes all 3 sections/topics that is at least 500 words). Indicate what time periods you are discussing.
-Have a title for all sections/topics 4
Person First language
-Look at the Person First Language document on Blackboard
Personal Reflection
-One page 2
2 Questions that relate to the topic
(.5 points each) 1
How does this information relate to the course content?
-One paragraph (minimum 250 words) 2
Total Possible Points: 15

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