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Incidences of homophia have sparked different reactions across the divide. For example, Norwich’s news on “hate incident”, suspicious investigations have been conducted on homophobia. In that incident, police visited Pauline Howe, after complaining to the latter’s local council concerning a gay pride-march at Norwich. It was unfortunate that the police made a decision to discontinue taking the matter further.

During police’s visit to Howe’s local council, her right and freedom of expression was defended by significant number of people. On the forefront of this defense, was the Christian Institute, which did not only take up the matter, who strongly defended the right and freedom of speech. The institute comprises of strong campaigners of gay rights activist such as Ben Summerskill and Peter Tatchell. On his part, Ben Summerskill described the police’s conduct as inappropriate and uncalled for. Both Ben’s and Peter’s comments undermined the previous claim made by Mike Judge of Christian Institute, who aired claims on ITV Anglia about Howe’s case. He emphasized that homosexual lobby was attempting to downgrade any effort to criticize homosexual behavior. On the contrary, the same institute claimed to be supporting free speech of Howe Pauline, which was provided by gay commentators or supporters of gays. This appeared as if they were attempting to get it from both ways.

It was rather unfortunate that more media coverage centered mainly on the religion of Pauline Howe, thus neglecting the underlying issue of homophobia. This is evident from the story revealed by Sunday Telegraph, in which Wynne Jones Jonathan, who asserted from the beginning that Pauline Howe was a committed Christian, thus implying that religion can be used as an excuse or even prejudice that Christians can be homophobic, which is not entirely true. Moreover, the media gave little attention to Howe Pauline’s letter. According to views of several people, Howe Pauline had the right to express her opinion, but it is necessary not to ignore reality on what seems to many people as a heavily intolerant outlook.

In the church’s defense, Christian Institute voiced its concern that disagreeing with an individual’s behavior does not amount to hatred of any kind. However, it is clear that Howe Pauline went far ahead of disagreement about behavior. In her views, she asserted that sexual practices, which have been labeled as perverted sodomy, spread sexually transmitted infections and even caused empire to fall. Indeed such views make it difficult to respond to disturbing and offensive viewpoints. One may start by defining the term “sodomites”, which has been derived from the basic assumption the Sodom’s sin was regarded as homosexuality. In views of biblical scholars, sins of Sodom are viewed as inhospitality when residents attempted to rape their own guests. Even though, Sodomite men raped their male visitors, an act of sinful nature, that could be regarded as homosexual rape. None of the gay people’s rights campaigners has defended rape. The reason for this is that rape is a nonconsensual choice for an adult. Such gay rights’ campaigner focuses on promoting consensual choices of adults, which are contrary to rape.

In conclusion, Christian Institute views sexual practices among people of similar sex as wrong. Although this might not be perfectly right because some people use wrong approaches to arrive at such misguided view. In this regard, the case against gay people can only be made stronger when they are perverted, sodomites, or spread sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, instead of allying ourselves with bigotry interpretations, negative effects of homophobia should be taken seriously.

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