How do you actively construct your gender, race and ethnicity?Explain

Consider your identity and how it has been shaped by the groups we have discussed over the past few weeks – family, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and you personality. How does each of these impact you; how do they influence your self-perception, and how do they influence your perspective on the world? Are there certain values you have that may be the result of the culture you were raised in? What are the expectations of you as a result of your membership in your family, gender identity, sexuality, racial and/or ethnic identity? What are the roles you play in your family? How do you actively construct your gender, race and ethnicity? How are people with your constellation of identities depicted in the wider culture (Positively? Negatively? Both, depending on the scenario?)?Be sure to include specific anthropological concepts (bold the terms you use from the text) and to cite the pages where you found the information.

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