How does the Whittier poem “Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyll” evoke nostalgic images of American life? What are these images? In a society that has changed drastically since the poem’s appearance, do these images have relevance for you today?

This essay must be supported by direct quotations and specific examples from the poem. The overall purpose of the essay is to raise questions, react to ideas or biases, and think about how the readings are related to the aesthetic, cultural, and philosophical questions that frame our contemporary lives.Quote several times (at least three) from the text. Quote at least one time from an outside, scholarly source.Essays with more than one major error in grammar, punctuation, or documentation are not eligible for a grade higher than D. Major errors include fragments, fused sentences, incorrect case or mood, and subject-verb agreement errors. Other important but less serious errors include misused apostrophes, lack of pronoun-antecedent agreement or incorrect pronoun reference, misuse of adjectives/adverbs, comma splices, and lack of parallelism, among others. Essays that contain more than one such second-order error are not eligible for a grade higher than C.

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