human evolution- Hominin stature, body mass and walking speed estimates

To assess critical thinking, students will need to compare/contrast two interpretations of a particular class of evidence within human evolution. Students will be expected to critically evaluate the positions taken, provide evidence for each, evaluate that evidence based on the synthesis of course materials, and make a conclusion (which may differ from contemporary thought on the matter).

Your article review should begin with the bibliographic citation for your article. It should be clear from the bibliographic entry what the source of the article is. APA is an acceptable citation format.

Your review should include the following information:

What are the main points of the article?
Provide a critical review of the information
How will this information be used in your paper?
Minimum of 2 pages, double spaced

only use the attached article and our textbook (if needed) as a source. our text is “evolution and prehistory the human challenge” 10th edition by Haviland Walrath Prins and McBride. no other sources please.

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