1. In what ways can a person’s physical qualities and appearance affect the way they are treated at work? (500)

2. What do organisations expect to gain by employing psychometric tests? (500)

3. According to Eysenck, there exist 3 basic dimensions of personality. Of what use is this knowledge to the Human Resource departments of large organisations recruiting both team-managers and team-workers? (500)

You should include where possible, (a) reference to motivation in the workplace, with (b) identification and analysis of associated theorists.

Assessment Criteria

Format, presentation and structure
All reports should be submitted through Turnit in on Blackboard. Correct spelling, grammar and syntax should be used. Each answer should have a coherent and logical structure. Firstly the facts should be set out, then each issue should be analysed in turn before an eventual conclusion is drawn. CONT…… on next page….

Knowledge of key principles
Evidence should be provided of knowledge of key principles and applications relevant to your chosen subject.

Depth of Analysis
The key issues should be analysed and discussed in sufficient depth. This should involve, where available, the use and comparison of key case studies.

Appropriateness of Advice
The report should meet the requirements of the brief as outlined above. The advice provided should flow from the analysis of all issues discussed and should reflect both proven principles of practice and the appropriateness of application, to your own, particular, chosen subject question.

It is imperative that this work is referenced and bibliographies and e-sources are included in accordance with the university guidelines and directions in your PPD modules. Please do not include page numbers in these.
Please do not repeat references as an end note.

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