Human Rights

Questions – TEST 1
• This test is comprised of 2 text?based questions.
• Each answer should be 300 to 400 words in length.
Do not copy from the readings. All answers should be in your own words.

• Compare and contrast the main bases on which human rights can be claimed.

• What kind of impact have Canadians had on the development of international organizations and legal framework that defend and promote human rights around the world? Elaborate on the nature of this Canadian contribution.

… there are 2 essays (please separate each question do not put it all in one whole essay) this essay is considered part of my midterm, so please make sure there are no grammar mistakes and the sentences are coherent.
use ONLY the articles i give you, and when you source please source it as (Lesson X, 2013) x=which chapter/lesson it is.

each essay is only 300-400 words.

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