If the Native Americans had won

Respond to all of these questions in the paper as essay format1. What helped the European settlers colonize Native Americans? Consider: treaties, armies, courts, missionaries, disease. What could have helped Native Americans defeat the settlers? Consider: a common language, resistance to disease, continent-wide organizations, etc.2. If the Indians had won, what changes would there be in education, history, place names? For example, would people in the US be speaking Native languages instead of European ones? Would kids learn Native American history instead of European history? Would there be a Columbus day? Would this state be called Washington?3. What aspects of life would be different for native people if they had won? Would they be practicing Christianity? Would they be confined to small reservations in the most isolated parts of the country? Would their language be dying out? Would they be suffering the same way from poverty, ill health, early or preventable death? Would their images in the media be as negative or stereotypical?4. Does social progress or development of new technology depend on Europeans? Can Native Americans invent cars and computers, or develop cures for disease, or can only Europeans do these things? Did Native Americans need European guidance to improve their lives?Please use easy vocabulary not big words

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