1. What are the possible legal issues raised in the above scenario from the perspective of International Business Transactions? Identify and examine briefly statutory and judicial authorities in Australia that could be relevant to adequately deal with those issues.

2. Advise SI and SOMA as to:

2.1. Whether SI has breached any statutory or common law duties to SOMA by:
(i) terminating the agreement;
(ii) not disclosing its business engagement with Elite and

Analyse the above issues with special reference to Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and leading judicial decisions in Australia.

3. Whether High-Tech has a strong case against SI. What grounds does High-Tech need to establish in order to obtain favourable remedies? What are other issues that may also arise in determining the ‘nature’ of the deed and the obligations of SI towards High-Tech? Support your argument by relying on relevant laws and judicial decisions.

4. What policy and legal consideration should be taken into account in expanding business abroad through agency and distributorship? Would you advise SI to negotiate separate agreements with those foreign companies for manufacturing and distributing Paddy? Why or why not?

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