IMC strategy for the identified target market

1) IMC Target Market Specifications (key highlights from the target market research):
– Demographic characteristics.
– Psychographic and behavioural characteristics.
– Motivations.
– Information source usage.
2) Product Evaluation:
– Strengths of the destination product for this target market are highlighted and identification of product development opportunities.
3) Brand Positioning:
– Desired brand image in minds’ of target market.
4) IMC Campaign Objectives:
– Identification of SMART objectives for the campaign (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely).
5) The USP:
– What is the destination’s unique selling proposition for this target market?
6) The Creative Strategy:
– What is the campaign idea (based on USP): the main theme, appeal, or benefit to be communicated in the message.
– Copy platform: a written statement that fully describes the message idea.
– Message or creative format: a broad creative approach used to communicate the message idea to the target audiences.
7) The IMC program – how will the following elements be utilized to deliver the creative strategy:
– Advertising
– Direct marketing
– PR
– Digital communications
– Personal selling

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