Increase Competitive Edge

Increase Competitive Edge

Unity store is a convenient store that sells green groceries and cereals. This store is facing a lot of competition from the nearby supermarkets and membership-warehouse clubs and this require the convenient store to come up with ways of increasing the competitive edge and reducing loses. The types of costs that can be associated with a product include product costs, inventory costs, period costs, and direct costs (Drury, 2007). The period costs can be cut without interfering with the affecting the daily operations of the store because some of the costs in the period costs can be done away with and business continues normally. For example, the costs for advertising the store can be reduced to cheaper means of advertising can be used. As a result of this, the business will be able to reduce loses and increase the profit thus developing the business in ways that enable it to compete with the other stores (Drury, 2007).

Yes. I think that accounting software is beneficial for convenient stores because they reduce the general operating costs for the store (Schorr et al., 2006).  This software helps the business to do more accounting functions at a very low cost. These accounting functions include managing the general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable of the stores. Therefore it is easy to process and keep records of the accounting transactions. Another advantage of using accounting software is their purchase price. The use of this accounting software enables the business to carry out the accounting operations for the business at a very low cost and a wide range of operations can be carried out in a short period of time (Schorr et al., 2006). I have worked in a company that cut unnecessary operating costs and this enabled it to direct the costs to other more important operations that improved the operations of the company (Mozota, 2002). The coats were directed towards offering better services and good to the customers and as a result, the company attracted more customers. This enabled the company to compete favorably with its competitors (Mozota, 2002).




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