Individual Growing Your Staff Presentation

Individual Paper
Growing Your Staff Paper- You currently work as a human resource management consultant, and you have scheduled a presentation to pitch your organization’s value to a company that you have worked for in the past.

Prepare a 750-1050 word paper that will be used to pitch the need for your consultant services.
Include the following components in your paper:

•Identify the organization’s operational gap or need for the human resource management services. Provide any relevant background information within the speaker notes.

•Determine why a training or employee development plan is needed and why it will fill the organizational gap identified.

•Provide an outline of the proposed training or employee development plan.

Create a performance improvement plan worksheet and integrate it into the presentation. Complete the following in your presentation:

•Convey the benefits of using your performance improvement plan over more standard, similarly used forms.
•Explain how your performance improvement plan should be used.
•Determine what impact your proposed services will have on the organization and its goals.
•Explain how these changes might affect the company’s Equal Employment Opportunity standing and its overall diversity-related issues.

Students must include at least one cited source from the course text(University of Phoenix)to support written assignments. Only less than 40 quoted words with in-text citation allowed. Please use 12-inch font, times roman, double-spaced,Microsoft Word doc.2003-07 compatible. Include a reference page, APA format.

Format APA format is required which is consistent with Master Degree level.

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