Innovation and Risk Management

The assignment will require the review of the creative process of Oil and Gas Company involved in natural capitalism as defined in chapter 17 of the course text by Jane Henry.
An examination of strategic and operational decisions taken by the company will be required.
An understanding of the obstacles facing the company as it attempts to develop their competitive position using the concepts proposed by natural capitalism will also be critical
Report from the point of observer
1. Short title
2. Intro – overview (task was to study a company and analyse its process of innovation)
3. Methodology – how do I go around this study?
i. (I went to different sites, libraries, companies, specialists)
ii. Secondary: sites, books
iii. Primary: new information
4. Environment – PESTLE (200 words) why, need, change
i. Why environment has changed
ii. Is it lead by the government
5. Challenges – 3 examples
6. Company – how the company defines or sees innovation, and how is it compared to given textbook
7. Strategy – why is it involved, (broad approach) are they involved with universities, companies, etc.
8. Product/Service –
9. Process – Commercialising an idea
10. Culture – Values, beliefs, recruitment (entrepreneurial)
11. Competitive advantage – risks
12. Conclusion
• Clear demonstration of rigorous research from recognised authoritative sources, and audience focus
• Demonstration of clear understanding of the issue, and use of academic models
Learning Outcomes
• Understand and critically evaluate theories of creativity
• Appreciate that individual creativity can be developed
• Have knowledge of different creative problem solving models
• Critique and apply innovation theory to management practice
• Describe and use creative management process
• Interact with enterprise models to establish business opportunities
• Identify innovative market opportunities

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