1) First, identify the country and the industry you have been allocated by your group. Second, identify the company from this country and industry that you have individually selected for consideration for FDI and the reasons for the selection of this company;
[10 Marks]

2) Provide a summary Table of the development factors, cultural dimensions and accounting values of the country you have been allocated and explain the nature of the relationship between these factors, dimensions and values. Outline what impact you think these factors, dimensions and values will have on the foreign direct investment risk of the investment in the particular country/industry/company selection you have made;

3) (a) Discuss in your own words the nature/characteristics of your country’s IFRS adoption process and explain the impact that you believe the development factors, cultural dimensions and accounting values of your country has had on the quality of the IFRS convergence process. In your answer identify the ‘version’ of IFRS applied by your selected company as set out in the Annual Report of the company under the Notes to the Financial Statements – Significant Accounting Policies heading.

(b) Discuss what impact you think the high/medium/low corruption levels within the country your have selected will have on the overall quality/usefulness of the information in the annual report provided by the company selected from that country.

Part B: Group Task – Completion of Presentation to the QGSF Trustees:

(4) Provide a comparative analysis of the companies selected by each individual group member utilising the international, financial statement analysis which includes: (a) an overall business strategy analysis; (b) the analysis of each company’s financial reporting practices; and (c) a financial analysis using a sample of three key ratios only and highlighting any limitations of this ratio analysis process.

(5) In your presentation to the Trustees, identify three overall key hindrances/limitations to international financial statement analysis that your group encountered in trying to complete the recommended four-step, international, financial statement analysis and comment on whether your group believes that these limitations can be successfully overcome and how this could be achieved

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