International Business

Required Reading:
DRS: Daniels, J. D., Radebaugh, L. H. & Sullivan, D. P. International business. (14th ed.)
Chap. 11, The strategy of international business, pp. 398-433: Focus on “Global integration versus local responsiveness,” “Types of strategy,” and “Looking to the future: What’s new in the world of strategy types.”
Chap. 13, Export and import, pp. 480-516. Focus on “Problems and Pitfalls” and “Resources and Assistance.”
Chap. 14, Direct investment and collaborative strategies, pp. 520-546. Focus on pp. 532-546, “Types of Collaborative Arrangements,” “Problems with Collaborative Arrangements,” and “Managing International Collaborations.”
Sullivan, J. J. (2004). Chap. 9, “Developing a strategy and preparing country analysis reports,” pp. 319-328, company strategy.

Select two large MNEs, one consumer oriented (Unilever) and one industrial ( Emerson). Discuss the pressures for local responsiveness and global standardization faced by each firm. Which experiences the greater pull toward local responsiveness? Why? Which faces a greater need for global standardization? Why?

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