International Business in Asia Pacific

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For this assignment, you will prepare a report based on your critical analysis of an Australia enterprise that conducts business the Asia Pacific.
In this unit we will analyse the conduct of business in the Asia Pacific. Given the importance and relevance of international trade to the long-term growth, stability and sustainability of the Australian economy, analyse how an Australian enterprise can increase long-term growth through the interaction with a specific member of the Asia Pacific international business community.

1. Compare and contrast the Australian economy and your chosen Asia Pacific economy. (Note: You cannot use Vietnam). Provide a description of the economies; highlight the similarities and differences; and critically analyse how these similarities and differences could facilitate or inhibit trade between your chosen Australian enterprise and the Asia Pacific economy. (You could use the World Economic Forums Stages of Economic Growth framework for this).
2. Describe political economy; critically analyse the benefits and challenges of political economy and what facilitates or inhibits this process.
3. Applying your knowledge of political economy, examine how these issues impact on your chosen enterprises sustainable development as it conducts business in the Asia Pacific region.
4. Prepare two separate sets of recommendations for your chosen Australian enterprise the first set (limited to no more than three recommendations) will be of a general nature in relation to doing business in the Asia Pacific region; the second set (limited to no more than three recommendations) must recommend actions which will give effect to long term sustainability.
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