International Business Paper on China and U.A.E

Give a brief background on each, to include: current state of globalization; national differences in political economy (political risk, economic risk, and legal risk), differences in culture, etc.

Discuss the level of trade between the two countries, e.g., balance of trade (surplus/deficit), vehicle of international trade (export/foreign direct investment [FDI]), relative advantages, etc.

Discuss regional economic integration between the two: is there any, should there be, why/why not?

What are the currencies of these two countries? What is the exchange rate between each other (on what day – indicate your source)? What are their respective exchange rates with the U.S. Dollar (on what day – indicate your source)?

What are the respective levels of trade between the United States and each of your countries? (Use the latest information you could find – indicate your source.)

What are the barriers (if any) to trade between your two countries, or between either (or both) country (countries) and the United States?

If you were going to invest/set-up operations in one of the two countries, which would you choose and why? Discuss risks (e.g., political, economic, etc.), potential gains, time horizon considerations, etc.

List of references.

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