International relations theory

by Cynthia Weber

1. The post-Cold War/ post-9/11 international system has been characterized by Francis Fukuyama, as the “End of History,” and by Samuel Huntington as a “Clash of Civilizations.” First, describe what it is they mean by these phrases and then critically assess their views (Fukuyama and Huntington).

2. What political-economic policies underpin the “Washington Consensus,” and assess their potential impact on small emerging economies of the Global South? Provide case examples.

3. Carefully assess Bernard Lewis’ “The Roots of Muslim Rage,” and Edward Said’s response to this view of the “Muslim World.”

4. Theories, like political ideologies, are constituted by myths, values and strategies/ blueprints about the world- so is “Carnism.” In what ways are theories of World Politics, such as realism, similar to the ideology of “Carnism?”

5. Discuss the basic assumptions, and weaknesses of Modernization Theory? Is the term, as well as the process of globalization, a sanitized/ reincarnation of Modernization and Development Theory or not?

6. What does Edward Said mean by, “the media have become obsessed with something called “Islam,” which ———-only means two things, both of them unacceptable and impoverishing.”

7. Provide a “historical materialist” critique of globalization, and in turn, critique the historical-materialist conception of history, revolution and capitalism.

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