International Trade – development – trade – Globalization

The essay is more like an argumentative research essay where i recognize that i understand the paradigm that free trade is great and all idea about it from David Ricardo\’s prespective… How it functions (based on what and comparative advantage)and the opinion of its advocates …Then the counter opinion based on statics and our reality that its not great … With evidence sociological political etc..I also must answer the question:-IS better growth synonymous to development !? At least 1500 words on this-There must be a lot if reference to reports by unictac and noam chomsky-in the end a personal opinion that the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing while free trade is meant to decrease it and one can be humanitarian here ….Note that: – the course i am taking is a globalization course so the whole essay must be related to in a way or another to globalization … Like the usage of certain diction that refers alot of our ideas to globalization

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