Internship for Hedgefund Application Short Essay Question

These questions will be reviewed by a recruiter for a hedge fund internship. They should show creativity and analytical skills. No sources are needed or citation since they are based off of reasoning.1) Imagine you just won the lottery and you now have $50 million. You have a friend who has worked in a certain business since he was 16 and now has an opportunity to purchase that business. He has asked you for $200,000 to help finance the purchase. He believes that he\’ll be able to return your cash, plus $100,000, in five years. How do you approach this opportunity?*2) Pharmaceutical companies are in the news recently about 100% price increases on older, off-patent drugs. Less noticed are 10% average annual price increases seen in the contraceptives market over the past seven years. How do you think the two approaches to pricing compare from a financial, ethical, or other perspective?*

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