Interpretation of a transgender memoir- “The Testosterone Files: My Hormonal and Social Transformation from Female to Male”

Write an interpretation of this transgender memoir, FOCUSING on LANGUAGE AND FORM. It should focus on rhetorical and poetic choices that the author makes, but it also should consider how those choices contribute to the writer’s articulation or representation of gender–not only his/her own gender or genders, but the larger social and historical contexts (the larger sex/gender system) within which each of us come to any particular understanding of having (or being) a gender or genders.
What imaginative, literary, rhetorical strategies do you find in the text? What do these strategies accomplish? What world and self do they invent for us to experience, even if or when we resist as readers? How does the text narrate, articulate, and represent transsexual and/or transgender experience? How are these human identities conceptualized or understood?

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