Intervention Proposal: Social Psychology of Bullying

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Scenario Five (SEE ATTACHED): Social Psychology of Bullying. you will create an intervention proposal that contains a professional recommendation for the chosen case study (*******SEE ATTACHED SCENERIO) on bullying.

In a 10-page paper (not including the title page or references page) will:
Briefly restate the problem from the chosen case study.
Compose a thesis statement that contains the students professional recommendation. The thesis statement should be located near the end of the second paragraph of the report.
Explain the relevant theories and empirical studies that have led to the students professional recommendation. The explanation must include evaluations of at least 7-8, peer-reviewed articles from the Annotated Bibliography that was created (******use 7 at least from….SEE ATTACHED Christina Bolle_W1_Assignment to use these required items). At least one of these articles must be about a specific empirical study.

In addition, the explanation must:
o Evaluate each article (comparing and contrasting them with the other articles) and answer the following questions:
? What was the researchers research question?
? What was their hypothesis?
? How many participants did they have?
? Was the research design method appropriate for that particular hypothesis? Was it valid?
? Did their findings support the hypothesis?
? What are the implications?
? What are the limitations?

o Discuss the opposing sides to the students recommendation and explain:
? Why it is relevant.
? Why it should be considered.
? Why it should be discounted for this recommendation.

o Discuss any limitations or gaps in existing research.

Finally, restate the professional recommendation in one to two concluding paragraphs.

I will attach references and you can use any of the information from the 3 papers I already completed for this that are attached and labeled with Christina Bolle.

****Do not use sources I did not attach, except possibly 1-2 of them can be found outside of attached.
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