Introduction to Chapter 1 research paper

This is just an introduction to a research paper about \”Classroom Management Strategies for students with emotional disturbances\” Here are some directions from the teacher:ntroduction· Do not need any sub-organizers (no sub-tittles) in the introduction section.· In 3 to 5 paragraphs, use a special way of getting the readers\’ attention and raisin their curiosity to read further.· Use an essay format Consider a distinctive anecdote vignette or a transcript of a conversation.· In 1 or 2 closing paragraphs, of the essay, briefly identify the basic topic, issue, or concern which was the focus of your research study.· Do not state your full, refined research question yet.Note: Remember the basics for writing a paragraph & essay:· Topic sentence,· detail sentences, and· wrap-up sentenceAt this point: you need:· to go back and examine the APA format· Avoid writing too many of your own opinions and· make an effort to connect research (include references to your statements),· there must be a balance between a narrative from the perspective of your professional experience and how you integrate research into your own piece.· Look at different drafts available in doc sharing and also look at published articles.· Focus on how the author included references (this is the hard part during the process of getting the research paper going).Assignment:Write an Introduction for your research paper and incorporate all the pieces mentioned above. Post this assignment in the dropbox during session 4.

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