1. Identify the investment strategy or the objectives of the infrastructure fund for part (b).
These are usually available from the annual reports or prospectus of the fund.
2. (a) Justify your decision to your selection of fund for part (c), ETFs & ETCs, above. Why have
you decided to select this particular fund over the others?
(b) Identify some potential factors that might influence their performance over the next 12
 Identify the strategy or the objective of the fund, do not discuss about who they are. Write
about the fund’s investment objectives or the type of assets that meet their requirements. That
is, if you are a potential investor how do you know if the fund you are (will) invest in, is meeting
its investment objective?
 There are thousand and one events happening in the market every day and financial markets
are closely integrated. The factors you have selected must have direct impact to the fund of
your choice. Otherwise one could relate the Tornado in Texas is set off by the flap of
Butterfly’s wings in Brazil

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