Once again, exploring various media – print, electronic, radio, television and film – find a
reference to, an appropriation of, or a use of the material we cover in the second section
of class; namely, something about the differences between Shi’ites and Sunnis; or
something about Sharia law. This can be something from current events, something from
film or television, or some discussion of an element or idea about Shi’ites or Sunnis; or
about Sharia law. Your sighting should be viewed from a Western perspective; that is, you
should be looking for the way Shi’ites or Sunnis, or Sharia law is depicted in Western

In a paragraph, give as complete a description of this sighting as you are able: describe its
context, describe its use, and describe its meaning, inasmuch as you can determine this.

In another paragraph, provide some commentary on this sighting. Does it portray
Muhammad or the Quran accurately, to your knowledge? Is it being used for a political
purpose? Is it being used for a cultural purpose? If so, how would you characterize that

Be sure to cite the source for your sighting accurately; or, if not applicable, to describe its
provenance in thorough detail.

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