Issues, Challenges, and Future Trends in sports


Physical education and Sports have the merits to transform live of the society and individuals. Typically, sports bring forth significant advantages to cultural and community development around the world. Sports also indirectly, act as powerful vehicles to society development and peace. The basic advantages in sports rationalize the investment in physical education and sports in all levels; schools, community, national or international level (Wuest & Bucher, 2008, p. 5). This easy discusses the importance of advocacy programs in physical education and soccer.  Further, the essay discusses the existence of community-based organizations that offer health promotion programs. In addition, advocacy issues in area of health, fitness and child development provided by physical education are explored in the essay.  Generally, by increasing and expanding advocacy programs in physical education, exercise science and soccer as sports could be an important source to eliminate underdevelopment and promote peace.

Importance of advocacy programs in the physical education and sports.

As supported by Slater, Powell, & Chaloupka, 2007, p. 6, both healthy eating and physical activities are effective in controlling diseases, reducing overweight and obesity. Although the health departments are responsible in health awareness at country levels, advocacy programs in physical education and sports plays a significant role in the health, development, and peace building.  Positive results relating the physical education and sports such as soccer have being observed as improvement of physical health. In addition, physically active persons develop healthier life styles and excellent eating habits that reduce diseases related to obesity and chronic problems. Support programs in the area of physical education and soccer are responsible in educating the public about the advantages of physical activities and physical fitness. Further, the advocacy programs educate about the programs meant for health standards. Moreover, Professionalism is needed in planning support programs that promote ethics and values in physical education and soccer. Essentially, sports programs or physical education values and benefits depend largely on the quality of professional control and the environment. According to Wuest & Bucher, (2008), physical education is part of school curriculum that includes training in child development, care and maintains physical fitness. It also includes sharpening motor skills and cognitive abilities. Some of the advantages attached to physical education may include the following.

Promote healthier lifestyle in all ages

Education in health and hygiene in the childhood ages tend to grow awareness to healthy lifestyle in old ages. Actually, well-planned physical education curriculums educate students to be responsible on their old age healthy lifestyles.

Maintain sound physical fitness

Healthy lifestyle depends mostly on the body physical fitness. Physical education and sports enhances the muscular development and increases stamina.  Body fitness promotes nutrients absorption, promote digestion system and other physiological process such as respiration, blood circulation among others.

Development of motor skills and enhancing of cognitive abilities

The curriculum of physical education in schools and outside schools enhance overall cognitive advantages to the students and the public. Indulging in different sport activities further develop motor skills.  Participation in sports and physical activities enhance body movement order and discipline, and helps in developing good body posture.


Hygiene and sex education importance

Lessons taught in physical education bring forth awareness of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Practices that are important to maintain a healthy and well-being in life are covered in the physical education. In addition, physical education instructs on sex education and answers on different questions about sexuality issues on humankinds.

In addition to the above benefits, support programs on physical education and sports in societies, contributes to physical, physiological, and emotional wellbeing. Sports such as soccer, plays a vital role in developing healthy social and interaction networking. Soccer helps people learn how to set goals and objectives. Teamwork, hard work, and discipline are well highly structured in soccer, which promote individuals and team goals achievement (USAID, nd, p.6).  Soccer is among the sports in the international arena used to promote peace and relations globally. In this regard, the sport is applied as a means of addressing problems in national and international levels. Soccer particularly is used as a vehicle to resolution and peace building. The universal language in soccer is the ideology to link cultural, geographical, and ethnic differences (USAID, nd, p. 6).  Soccer programs are operated at local, national, and international levels promoting interaction of participants and stakeholders. Other soccer related advocacy programs importance are its role in developing and promoting international diplomacy and enhance communication system that usually pave way to civil and political dialogue.

Some of the organizations that offer health promotion programs include the USAID, Red Cross, Saint Johns Ambulance and the religion organizations. Government in collaboration with non-profit making organizations such as religion-based organizations usually offers health promotions and awareness campaigns. Typically, these organizations and government provide recreational, youth or commercial sport programs that help promote encouragement in areas of health, fitness, or child development. Child development, fitness, and health issues are advocated for in the school education curriculum and government ministries such as sports and health dockets.


            Soccer can be used as a vehicle to economic development. Organizations and support programs internationally have engaged into promoting sports and physical educations as an element to development. In spite of the values and benefits in physical education and sports, they fall at the bottom of school and government priorities.

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