justice opinion

Requirements for JUSTICES:

1. On the day of your moot court, you must listen to and be prepared to question the attorneys as they argue before your panel.  After the oral arguments, you and the other justices will have up to 45 minutes to deliberate.  We urge you to take advantage of the oral arguments and deliberations as a way to use the attorneys and each other as resources to improve the quality of the arguments you expect to write up and publish in your opinions.

2. To facilitate discussion during the oral arguments and deliberations, Justices must bring the following documents with them to the moot courts:

1) their copies of the attorneys= briefs (which you have already read!)

2) a TYPEWRITTEN outline of the opinion they expect to write for the case; and

3) two TYPEWRITTEN questions for each attorney ( four questions in all).

At the end of the session, please submit your outline and questions to your bailiff.  The bailiffs can only accept these documents at the time of the moot court AND if they are typewritten.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  (Printing problems do not count as a valid excuse.)

3. After the moot court has met, prepare a five-page opinion that shows whether the protests violate the doctors=/patients= rights regarding providing/choosing abortion.  These opinions are ABSOLUTELY DUE on Monday, 4/28 at Noon as an attachment to an Oncourse message to Instructor Role.   Any paper not submitted to that box by that time will be subject to a grade penalty.

The opinions should contain the following components:

1) a clear statement of your position about the constitutionality of the protestor=s right to protest against abortions;

2) a reasoned and informed argument for (or against) recognizing a civil and constitutional right to practice abortions free from threatening protests;

3) a reasoned and informed argument explaining why the Court should take the approach you advocate in its effort to fulfill both duties/interests.

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