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In recent years, the popular media seem to have become increasingly violent. This is particularly true of visuals in video games and on some Internet sites, but graphically violent images also appear regularly in films, on TV, in comic books, and even in newspapers. Some research has suggested that these violent images can have a negative effect on those who view them, particularly on adolescents and young children. In fact, some media critics believe that these violent images have helped to create an increasingly violent culture, which in turn has inspired young people to commit violent crimes. Others, however, argue that violent media images are not to blame for such events—and that, in fact, they provide a safe outlet for aggression.
Your paper should be approximately 3 pages, typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font, and in MLA format. Your paper should also demonstrate knowledge of the writing strategies discussed so far such as summary of texts you have read which includes paraphrasing and quoting, thesis statements, essay structure and organization, revision strategies, and a works cited page!
______________________________________________________________________________________ Write an essay arguing whether or not violent media images trigger violent behavior,need a clear thesis include the three points which will be given in the body paragraph. Each paragraph has to have a clear topic sentence in the very first, and at lease one quote. Please put the quote in the middle of the paragraph, not the end. No new points in the conclusion, just summaries the points already given.

you can use these article Works Cited
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