Lab Report, Chemistry

I did this experiment it\’s called H-bonding phenol and benzophenone. I have 3 questions to answer which is
1-if time permit, devise an experiment to measure the self association of phenol. From your result, desire wheatgwr the equilibrium A-OH +A-OH <---< A-OH---O-AH can be neglected. If you have no time to excecute such an experiment, at least explain how it would be carried out? I didn\'t have time but explain what could be done. 2nd question describe how you could use the integrated intensity of the H-bonded O-H stretching band to measure equilibrium constant for the initial phenol-benzophenobe conplex. What additional data would you need that you have not collected in the current experiment? In the experiment I did, the area was collected for phenol and 4 solutions of benzophenone with 4 different masses. 3rd question: can you use water as a solvent for this experiment? Explain in short paragraph.

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