Leadership Paper Please interview a manager or supervisor who has people who report to him/her. This person could be your supervisor.Conduct an interview with that person either in-person or via the phone using the 6 interview questions below. Please also ask a couple follow-up questions or other questions that interest you as well!! If you would like, you could give the 6 questions to the person you are going to interview in advance so they can reflect on them before talking with you.Turn in a 1.5 to 2-page single spaced paper that includes the following:1. Your interviewed manager’s: a) name and position; b) organization; c) number of people he or she manages; d) years experience as a manager; e) how you know this person.2. Summarize and report his/her answers to the 6 questions below as well as any additional questions you asked (i.e., # 7 below). Since you are limited in space, this should be a summary of what you think is most important (i.e., not a dictation of what he or she said). Although it’s ok to leave some stuff out, you should summarize at least part of his/her answers from each of the 6 questions.3. Considering this interview with a manager, your past experiences, and what you have learned about people in this course (i.e. individual differences, motivation, teams, and leadership), do you think you would like to be a supervisor or manager in the future? Why or why not (if you are not sure, explain why)? please incorporate insights gained from your self-assessment results. If possible, please write at least a couple of paragraphs on this one.Interview Questions (Also, don’t forget to get the info for # 1 above):Q1. What are the two or three biggest challenges (i.e. the most difficult part) of managing the people you do? Can you think of any particularly difficult types of people or situations to manage?Q2. Describe something you have done as a manager that has really “worked”. That is, something you did that really motivated people, or made them work harder, or show better teamwork, or helped you or the organization in some significant way. Another way to think of this is something you are pleased or proud of in your managerial life.Q3. Describe something that you have done as a manager that did not work, or caused problems, or seemed like a good idea at the time but was not ultimately successful.Q4. Recognizing that I am an MBA student currently studying human behavior in organizations, what do you know now that you wish you knew then (e.g. before you became a supervisor)? What should they be teaching us that is really important (but you perhaps did not get enough of when in your training or you were in school)?Q5. Describe the best manager you (the manager) have had in your working career. What did he or she do that you found effective? The more specific the examples are the better.Q6. What are some of the things you enjoy most and least about supervising and leading others?Q7. Please ask any additional questions that you may have.

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