Leadership Development SMART Goal Setting

1. Review the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) core healthcare competencies. Choose ONE of these competencies that you would like to work on for developing a SMART goal. The five core competencies are listed below.
• Managing Patient-Centered Care;
• Working in interdisciplinary and/or interprofessional teams;
• Employing evidence-based practice;
• Applying quality improvement techniques; and
• Utilizing informatics.
2. Name ONE KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes) related to the specific core competency you chose above.
Examples of KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Attributes) for your Leadership Development Goal Setting include
• conflict resolution,
• becoming influential,
• leading change,
• communication about the patient,
• communication organization-wide,
• team building conversations,
• organizational skills,
• using evidence to guide your practice,
• initiating QI/PI endeavors,
• using data to help with decision making,
• staff education,
• problem solving,
• human resource management issues,
• delegation,
• decision making,
• budgeting and finance, and
• computer skills.
• Others are possible!

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