Leadership Studies

The questions are: should be answered separately:

Q2. Building “trust accounts” is important in establishing good relationships. What does it take to build a “trust account”? How can you maintain or grow that account? How can you diminish that account? Is it easier to grow the account or diminish the account? Why?

Q3. Organizational mistrust happens when the 4 Cores, 13 Behaviors, and principles of the organizational design that create alignment with the cores and behaviors are violated. Please explain what is meant by this statement. Provide at least one personal example of organizational mistrust and at least one way the company can correct it.

Q4. Stephen Covey states that “the same principles that produce dividends to a trusted company at the level of Market Trust also operate at the Self Trust, Relationship Trust, and Organizational Trust levels.” What do you think Mr. Covey meant by that statement? What principles do you think where being referenced? Why do you think those principles operate at all levels (waves) of trust?

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