Leading People and Organization – Reflection

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Assessment Task:

Write a paper that addresses two main issues:

1.Drawing upon the results of the self-assessment exercises you completed for the course (e.g. Competing Values Framework questionnaire; skills, values and interests; Emotional & Cultural Intelligence, email exercise), reflecting your own experiences of being a leader (whether in the workplace or life in general) along with the readings on Blackboard – provide a comprehensive reflection that explains what you should do to become a better leader of people and organisations.

2. Write an action plan on how you intend to address your identified develop needs in relation to the evaluation above.

Requirements for the Professional Leadership Reflection & Development Plan
Length of report: 3000 words (excluding references and appendix) + – 10%
The plan must be properly and fully referenced using the Harvard Business Reference style
Use clear and meaningful sub-headings
1 spacing
Proof-read to a high standard.

Reflection & Development Plan can be structured as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Part 1: Leadership Reflection
3. Part 2: Development Plan
4. Conclusion
5. Reference List & Appendices

Some points/questions to ask yourself in the Leadership Reflection:
Discuss your life history and how this has influenced the way you think about and behave as a leader today (e.g. influence of leaders in your own life, living and travelling in different countries and cultures). What events and experiences have shaped your values and attitudes? What challenges have you had to overcome that taught you important lessons about life? (see George, Sims, McLean & Mayer, 2007; McDonald, 2008 in self-awareness folder on BB)
How has your cultural background and heritage shaped the person you are and your leadership style?
Did the self-assessment exercises and readings covered in class (or ones you have done previously) reveal any insights or areas you would like to work on?

Some points to consider when writing your an action plan (see Quinn et al., 2015, p. 326 Table C.2):
Acknowledge the multi-dimensional nature of effective leadership in organisations
How can you become a better leader of people and organisations? What steps can you take to overcome barriers to achieve or enhance your leadership knowledge and practice?
Make your development plan realistic and linked to leadership theory and practice. Identify specific areas in need of improvement and set SMART goals
Consider how you can use your strengths to help you develop in your weak areas.

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