Letter to the Editor (letter to a newspaper

In this paper you will write “The Letter to the Editor.” you’ll want your letter to be focused on a current problem faced by your community (or a problem faced by a group to which you belong). However, you won’t just be stating the problem. In this letter, you will also want to propose a solution ( the best solution )to the problem. You will want to be as specific as possible ( you will want to write about this solution, how it affects the problem, how it would solve it, who did try it and so on, be as specific as possible ). Choose a topic you care about, something you’re invested in. you may want to have a powerful letter that you could actually submit to your local newspaper. List the newspaper to which you would be sending this to at the top of your paper (any US newspaper, just an example). Begin the letter with: “Dear Editor,” Throughout the paper, be as specific as you possibly can in terms of:
1.) Defining/describing the problem and who it affects
2.) Describing your solution
3.) Defending your solution as the best means of dealing with this problem (support your solution with outside sources and quotations)
As you’re writing this letter, also do keep in mind your audience.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Papers on the following topics will not be accepted:

* abortion
* capital punishment
* euthanasia

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