Life Goals

Goals are said to be the results and the achievements in where there are some directed hard work towards attaining them. They are very significant in someone’s life as they give a clear direction and show the purpose of any action. At the same time one’s self-esteem if boosted and the feeling of more confident. They also help someone to make finest utilization of time and acquire steady steps towards achievement. This paper therefore focuses on the long term three goals in my life which include: personal goal on building my own identity, academic goal on attaining a doctorate degree and a career goal on attaining a managerial position in a company.

Building my own identity is my long term personal goal. In the accomplishment if this goal I need to have identified myself as a person who can stand by his decision and being accountable and responsible of the decision through faith. There is however short terms goals to help me attain this goal such as increasing my commitments on the religious activities here in school and at home on holidays. This will be possible by the help of my patron who will guide me in prayers which will be possible by committing some more extra time on prayers. In a span of around two years I want to have developed a good prayer life such that I will become strong in my faith and be able to have my own identity. One of the intermediate goals is being in a position to lead some directive intercessory prayers in a congregation. This will be possible after I have developed a good prayer life.

Attaining a doctorate degree is my academic long term goal. This will only be possible when I put by effort in my studies. The short term goal to help me attain the final goal will be passing my O-Level to help me get a chance to a college university. The intermediate goal is on attaining at least a second class upper on my graduate degree to make a way to masters and further into a doctorate degree. This will however be possible by the help of my teachers who will help me to attain the necessary knowledge required. I need therefore to start studying hand on books and all relevant education resources to broaden my understanding.

Attaining a managerial position is my career long term goal. This might seem like a mere dream but it is attainable when the short term goals and intermediate goals are met. Some of the short term goals which need to be attained are having a positive thinking especially when dealing with different people and take on some negotiating skills by the time I get to college level. On the intermediate skills I must attain management skills basing on development of new techniques on resource management. Working with other student on group discussions will help in developing positive thinking about others and so I need to engage myself on these groups on their interactions. Taking managerial courses like on resource management will help more in my career.

In conclusion, personal goals, academic goals and career goals are all important developmental goals. The achievement of these goals is directly proportion to the efforts that I will put when working on them. My college work has a high influence in accomplishing them. The involvement of religious activities in my college life will help me in attaining identity. My college performance will open a door way in to tertiary education for me to attain the graduate degree, master’s degree and finally doctorate degree thus attaining my academic goal. Developing some negotiating skills as well as thinking positively about others while still in high school will promote the same virtue especially when working on a managerial position.

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