Linux Command: chgrp & cmp

Write about the primary topic. It is NOT acceptable to write about Linux history, how to log in, terminals, etc.The paper is to be >2900 words. The intended audience is a new graduate student who will use the lab. Assume all the assigned topics will appear in a merged document.If there is not enough to say about the primary topic, a secondary topic is provided, and may be included as another section in the document.The primary topic is: chgrp (Change the group ownership of files)The secondary topic is: cmp (Compare two files)Research will be required to understand the commands and write about them. Place citations at the document end.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–This is technical paper, here is the writing rule:1. 15% turnitin limit2. use passive voice3. no grammar and spellng error, no personal words, all paragraph must has at least 3 sentense4. Must avoid anything beblow:• Use of personal words(such as I, we, me, mine, our, ours, let’s (let us), us, you, your, he, she)• lists (put all materials in tables) Do not assume reader viewed the table• Any occurrence of ‘nothing but’, ‘little more’ or ‘nothing more’ of the, by the, in the any text followed by ‘:’ except when introducing a figure, table, or code block.• Questions in titles/headings• Text that depends on the title/heading for reading correctly• Unsupported conclusion• One line paragraphs• Code, algorithms, formulas, or figures with little or no explanation. Write more prose than code explaining functionAll code, lists, algorithms must be in tables• Singular/Plural mismatch. Words do not match in sentence. Verb does match noun or object.• Any use of ‘very much’ , ‘very many’, ‘very little’, ‘more better’, ‘more worse’, ‘very very’ etc…• Wordy phrases ‘it can help the user to analyze the usage of application’ should be ‘it helps the user analyze application usage’• Tense shifts from past, present, and future in the paper. (Unless describing historical and now current topics)

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