Literary Analysis

(NOTE: please see attached docs for specific prompt and further context)You have before you two poems – one from the period after the Russian revolution, the other during the early years of the Roman empire – which return to two texts we have read so far this semester, Genesis from The Hebrew Bible, and the Iliad. In both cases, the authors – one the (male) poet Ovid, author of the popular Metamorphoses, the other the (female) poet Anna Akhmatova, whose poetry was censored and condemned by the new Stalinist regime – engage with women characters who may seem to be marginalized in their respective texts. One is the (unnamed) wife of Lot; the other Briseis.Your primary question is this: How do these poets go about recovering these ‘lost’ voices? And how do these voices prompt you to go back and rethink these two works – which are in and of themselves projects of recovery of lost, ancient times?Be specific in your analyses; use the texts themselves – the two poems here, and what you find to be relevant passages in Genesis and the Iliad – as your evidence. As you go about answering the above, you will want to think about whether we should read these ‘revisions’ as criticisms of these earlier works, or whether one or both of our authors are responding to dynamics that they already found in the original texts.

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