Possible Survey Questions

Interview Questions

1. How long have you been in your current long distance relationship?
2. Did your relationship begin as a long distance relationship or did it evolve into a long distance relationship because of natural circumstances?
3. How often (and how long) do you and your partner communicate via mobile technology?
a. Text:
b. FaceTime/Skype:
c. Social Media applications:
d. Phone calls:
4. What medium do you typically engage in? (i.e. telephone calls, email, text, Face-time, Skype, etc.)
5. Of the medias you and your partner engage in, which of them do your prefer most? And why?
6. What are some noticeable benefits within your relationship and the integration of mobile communication?
7. Are there costs? If so, what are they?
8. Do you and your partner agree on how you’re engage and how often you communicate via social mediums and technology in your relationship?
9. Are there any mobile communication habits that affect your relationship’s overall satisfaction                                                                                        10. What healthy communication techniques do you engage in via mobile communication that positively affects your relational satisfaction?
11. What negative communication habits do you exhibit via mobile communication that may negatively affect your overall relational satisfaction?

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