Love and sacrifice

Primarily, love involves happiness and making sure that good happens to the one you love. It entails more than just wanting to be with someone; but wanting what is best to happen for them. Sacrifice on the other hand involves foregoing what is good for you for the sake of your loved ones. That is what primarily forms the basics of true love and sacrifice.

From the story of the gift of the magi, at the onset, we can infer that Jim treasured his gold watch that he had been given by his father while Della treasured his long hair. The description of how Della treats his Husband when he arrives from work is enough to show that basically, the two are in love. Della treasures. On the eve of Christmas, she wants to get his husband a present yet she only had one dollar and eighty seven cents. She goes the extra mile to have his most treasured procession; her hair being cut and then she sells them so that he can surprise his husband with a precious present for Christmas: a platinum fob that Jim could use to hold his gold watch which was the most treasured item Jim had. For the same course, Jim sells his gold watch so as to buy Della a comb which ironically she had cut and sold to buy Jim a present. This represents the sacrifice each party can take in order to make his/her partner happy. For this marriage, their love relationship can be viewed as blossoming, evident by the extent to which each partner goes ahead to sell their most precious procession to make each other happy (lorcher, 2010).

From the story, the story of an hour, Mrs. Millard receives the news of his husband’s death. Her reaction to the untimely demise of her husband can be described as typical; she did not undergo a shock to express her inability to accept the death of her husband, she only wept at once and then left the room and went to her room alone. From these we can infer that she left all that represented her relationship with her husband, she needed to be alone. The room to which Mrs. Millard goes alone represents a new found freedom that came as a result of her husband’s death; she keeps on whispering “free body, free soul”. The window which she looks through presents opportunities and fresh beginnings of the days that followed her husband’s death. In the marriage, Mrs. Millard admits that she loves him, although not all the times. Her husband was loyal and adoring. From the descriptions of her thoughts, Mrs. Millard viewed her past, which was her marriage as one filled with independence. She also plans for the future, the new beginnings, and opportunities that she has following the demise of his husband (Millwhite, 2002).

From the two stories, both the outcomes of the scenarios do not end as anticipated. A representation of true love and sacrifice is evident in the story of the Magi. This is evident from the sacrifices each partner makes towards making his /her spouse happy. This is what represents the true definition of sacrifice. True love is also seen in situations where both the spouses had the intent of pleasing their loved ones.

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