Please select a luxury brand from one of the 8 categories. Apparel Accessories Hospitality/tourism Perfumes/cosmetics Food/drink Sports Automotive Tecnology You have been identified as a luxury brand management expert who has the ability to create an exciting and innovative experientIal marketing campaign for this brand for summer 2015 which evokes the theme of ‘ Culture Mix’. You can use any type of on or offline media to create your campaign (or any combination of both). I would now like you to create a report, with visual content, which fully details the following:

�Geographical location of your experiential idea.

� The duration of your event and or marketing campaign.

� Who would your target audience be? Would it introduce someone new to your brand?

� What makes it experiential?

�How could this idea create longer term consumer engagement with your brand?

�Are there any current/developing life-style trends which would aid the success of your idea? Ideas that you could consider include: 5D branding, pop-up and temporary spaces, experimental use of technology, attachment to an event which already exist, creative collaboration, mixing old and new, personalisation of products/services or limited editions. Try to choose brands to work with which have the scope for you to create something really imaginative, ambitious and creative for them. ( Sometimes it is better to choose an old, tired brand to work with, which gives you the scope to revitalise and renew it for a fresh target audience)


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