Instruction & Requirements:

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (with references) in which you:

Discuss organizational guidelines (or policy) that ensure a safe learning environment in the United States Air Force Academy.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Indicate that you did research and background reading to complete this paper; include in-text citations and a reference list.

Required Reading

Students must select a minimum of two literature resources from the list below. It is also expected that students will search online for one additional reference for each Case and SLP assignment


Robelen, E. W. (2009, April 29). Strip-search case testing balance between privacy, student safety. Education Week, 28(30), 13. Available in Presentations section.


This website provides an overview of various perspectives on school violence and safety issues. You are not required to study any of these documents in depthjust take note of various approaches to addressing violence in schools.

Healy, S. J. (2007). Best practices for making college campuses safe. International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). Retrieved August 2009 from

Reading for the Discussion

Police, school district defend drug raid. (2003). In Retrieved August 2009 from

Preventing school shootings: A summary of a U.S. Secret Service safe school initiative report. (2002). NIJ Journal 248. Retrieved August 2009 from

Department of Justice. (2005, December). Sexual assault on campus: What colleges and universities are doing about it. Retrieved August 2009 from

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