Major Funds Alaska or Fairbanks North Star Borough

Major Funds Alaska or Fairbanks North Star Borough

FNSB asserts that the main mission of Fairbanks North Star Borough is to ensure that learners are provided with an appropriate learning environment so that the learning process can take place effectively. The institution seeks to ensure that the students receive a holistic education that will ensure that they become productive members of the society. In order to attain this objective, Fairbanks North Star Borough relies on funds from various sources including contributions from the students themselves, government agencies and non-governmental agencies (Northwestern University, 2009). This paper will discuss each and every one of these three sources of funds for the institution, including how they are determined, their resources and based on this information, a determination will be made on whether or not this important government agency is financially healthy.

One of the major sources of fund for Fairbanks North Star Borough is the contribution made from students themselves. FBNSB asserts that each student pays a specified amount of money that usually goes into the provision of various services that are involved in running the institution. Determination of this source of fund is usually based on the resources that are required by the institution and whose procurement cannot be achieved through the use of governmental and non-governmental funding. The second source of income for the institution is funding from government agencies. Being a government institution, FNSB receives a significant part of its funding from the government to fund both its regular programs and special programs (FNSB, 2006). The funding from government agencies is normally determined by the institution’s government approved budget. The third and final source of funding for FNSB is non-governmental agencies. Non-governmental organizations usually step in to fund special program that might not have been covered by the government funding. Such funds are usually determined through an estimation of the cost that the institution would incur in implementing the special program in question and availing the same to respective NGO for approval (FNSB, 2006).

All in all, FNSB IS indeed one of the most successful government organizations and its success can be pegged to its prudent financial plan that involves funding from multiple sources. This implies that the organization is indeed financially healthy.



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